Conceptual iOS Application

Final Class Project
Mobile Application Development
Milwaukee Area Technical College



The Sandwich Spot is a hypothetical eatery concept. The proposal would call for the deli to be located in an urban or business district with extensive foot traffic. The store would specialize in preparing sandwiches with fresh, high quality ingredients on local bakery breads. In addition to a made-to-order option, the deli would have weekly specials. This conceptual iOS app would provide customers with contact information, directions and provide an opportunity to check the weekly specials.


Initial Wireframing
Avenue Exploration
Refocused Sketching

To develop content for this app, I compiled research on eatery business concepts & mobile applications. I determined which special menu items would appeal to potential target market customers. Wireframing was completed to determine the information hierarchy. A great deal of research went into developing the user interface. Concepts explored included tableview, mapview, webview, plist, side navigation and master/detail.


Side Navigation
Interactive Map
Web-based Menu Items

The final application was developed in Xcode 5 with Objective-C. At the time of initial wireframing, the scope of the project was broad in nature. After researching the best user interface options, I determined that the app should be more focused. Graphics were developed in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop and stock photography was purchased. The final application references the deli's website to populate the weekly specials.
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