Conceptual User Experience Redesign

Final Class Project
User Experience
Milwaukee Area Technical College



Rogers Memorial Hospital, Inc. is Wisconsin's largest behavioral health services provider. In partnership with several hospital systems, Rogers provides over 45% of inpatient mental health care in the state of Wisconsin. The purpose of this user experience
re-stage proposal was to explore the potential for increasing access to mental health care by providing a more streamlined and intuitive user interface for patients, famiy and loved ones.


Flowchart Planning

This proposal was developed as a final project for a user experience class. Completion of the proposal involved researching area healhcare providers to assess market conditions, developing reference personas, analyzing current website information, wireframing and designing conceptual pages.


Child & Adolescent Services
OCD & Anxiety Services

The final proposal for this conceptual user experience redesign was developed as an interactive PDF using Adobe InDesign. Content and photography are borrowed from the Rogers Memorial Hospital website and are the property of that institution. The final graphics for the proposal were developed using Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop & InDesign. The proposal was conceptual.
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