Conceptual iOS Application

Final Class Project
Advance Application Development
Milwaukee Area Technical College



Accurately tracking billable time is an ongoing concern for many freelance designers and developers. OnTask Freelancer is an iOS productivity app geared toward freelancers. This application was developed to provide freelancers with a simple method to track and edit billable time, jobs logged and client contact information. A minimal graphic user interface was used to allow users flexibility in their interactions.


Initial Wireframe
Timer Implementation
Core Data Entry

In order to establish the application structure, inital wireframing was completed. The initial wireframe called for interconnectivity between a series of core data sets. At development time, it was determined that the user interaction required to access shared information was equivalent to that necessary to enter information. It was therefore determined that users would prefer flexibility at input time. Research and testing were conducted toward implementing a timer; storing, retrieving & editing core data; and presenting a table with editing capabilities.


Tab Navigation
Log Editing
Table Display

The final application was developed in Xcode 6 with Swift with graphics designed in Adobe Illustrator & Photoshop. The final application allows users to navigate between a time log, job log and client log using tab navigation. All information is saved to core data. Users have the ability to edit all log data, modifying the core data set. All logs are displayed in table format.
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